ISO Accreditation

Translation Management Ltd is an ISO accredited translation firm with ISO certification for ISO BE EN 9001:2008 and ISO 17100:2015. Our quality assurance and production processes are independently audited and verified every year.

ISO 17100:2015

The ISO 17100 is the new internationally recognised standard for companies within the translation industry, which covers the essential processes for providing a translations service.

It was introduced in May 2015 and Translation Management gained certification for meeting the required standards in November 2015.

Its aim is to outline the service a customer will receive within a recognised set of procedures that are carried out to best practice.

It defines the aspects of:

  • Commissioning work and translation
  • Proof-read and review
  • Contractual requirement and project management
  • Traceability of the translation process
  • Overall quality management of the service.

Why ISO 17100 Certification?

The ISO 17100 standard creates a standard structure for translation services. It simplifies the interaction between customers and the translation service provider in terms of their contractual needs.

Benefits to our customers:

  • Increases customer confidence and gives reassurance to our prospective customers that TML follows a recognised specialist standard while undertaking their translation requirements.
  • Provides assurance that TML employs appropriate suppliers – both translators and reviewers are qualified to undertake every task in a professional and effective manner to the latest industry standards.

ISO 9001:2008

The ISO 9001 Standard is concerned with ‘quality management’: what the organization does to enhance customer satisfaction by meeting customer and applicable regulatory requirements and continue to improve its performance in this regard.

Translation Management gained certification for its quality administration systems in 2000 and meets the appropriate standard of BE EN 8001:2008.

Why ISO 9001 certification?

By conforming to the Standard, it means that TML has established a systematic approach to quality management and is managing its business to ensure that your needs are clearly understood, agreed and fulfilled.

Benefits to our customers:

Before the introduction of the ISO Standard specifically for Translation Providers, TML believed it essential that our customers and prospects had a third party verification of business processes and service delivery to demonstrate that we are managing the company so as to achieve consistent good quality translation services.

We believe that adherence to these standards not only benefits our customers but also to our staff and our network of translators and editors:

  • It ensures that they keep up with a development program, keeping them up to date with the latest techniques.
  • It heightens morale and motivation as they have clear, defined processes and procedures that result in a quality and consistent service being provided.
  • It proves that TML is an innovative and forward thinking employer.

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