Compliance – its everywhere now

In commerce, the word ‘compliance’ covers the efforts undertaken by firms to conform to government regulations and rules in the markets in which they operate.

However, it also covers standards and norms of commercial behaviour, a ‘self-policing’ if you will, set by leading companies that all stakeholders must adhere to: employers, employees, customers and suppliers. In a world subject to ever closer and instant scrutiny, particularly by social media, a global company must be seen and be able to provide documentary evidence of applying the highest ethical standards against corruption and fraud and promoting transparency and fairness in the way it conducts its business with its partners and with the outside world.

Compliance can no longer be seen as a burdensome additional cost. It must be stitched into the DNA of every business.

International companies have an additional challenge to ensure the enthusiastic willingness of their partners and colleagues to observe the regulatory framework.  It is essential that any translated documents and media are not only accurate but sensitively adapted to local markets.

Translation Management Ltd (TML) has been increasingly asked to undertake translations in this area:

  • Compliance manuals
  • HR handbooks
  • Internal newsletters and guidelines
  • Labelling
  • Web e-learning

TML translators are all native speakers and are chosen for their expertise in translating compliance  documentation. All production and QA processes are conducted by adhering to ISO 9001 and ISO 17100 certified quality management procedures.

We have been translating such material for our customers for over twenty years and have built a wealth of experience in that time.  Next time you have a need for such a service, we hope we can have the opportunity of helping.

Please get in touch to discuss more, or request a free quotation from our helpful team.

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