Corporate communications

Remember that all is opinion” Marcus Aurelius

The great Roman emperor and Stoic philosopher may not have had corporate communications specifically in mind when he wrote this in his ‘Meditations’. However, how you articulate your business is crucial to the way in which your clients perceive your products and services.

Corporate communications cover all aspects by which a Company gives the public and its employees information about its aims and what it is doing. Whether by way of annual and interim reports, press releases, regulatory announcements, products and services literature, case studies, presentations, videos, or indeed through corporate newsletters and internal communications.

Just as your corporate literature should be a collection of well-thought out, good quality materials that present your business at its very best, it is just as crucial that any translation of these materials convey the same perceptions for readers in local language markets.

The important mantra cited by Language Service Providers (LSP’s) that they don’t do ‘simple word for word translation’ is never more true in the case of business critical documents.  Accuracy and consistency are essential for any translation undertaken, but with corporate communications it requires the additional skills and experience of the translator to accurately reproduce the style and timbre of the source content, to use grammatical imagination that accurately reflects these attributes, rather than adhering rigidly to the sentence structure of the original material.

For more than twenty years, TML has helped many companies deal with these issues.  By following a consistent and thorough methodology, underwritten by ISO 17100 standards specifically for translation services, we have gathered teams of translators and editors with skills and experience in a wide range of industrial sectors.  The good opinions and perceptions of your company need not be lost in translation.

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