Internationalization – i18n

Internationalization enables localization by ensuring that your website is ready to go global.

Internationalization is often written as i18n where 18 is the number of letters between i and n in the English word.

For applications and websites i18n refers to the code changes that are made to your site’s architecture and platforms so that they can support local, regional, language or culturally related preferences.

Examples include enabling the use of Unicode, support for bi-directional and vertical text or other non-Latin typographical features (think Arabic and Japanese for example); date and time formats, local calendars, number formats and numeral systems, handling of personal names and addresses as well as forms of address, etc,.

Another important consideration is to have a content management system (CMS) that has multilingual functionality and workflows.

In other words, they are the design processes which allow the localization of content or application into another language.

Ideally, internationalization should be the first step when designing your website. Otherwise you may encounter the problems of an awkward and expensive retrofit.

If you would like to have more information about any aspect of web localization and how TML can assist you in reaching your goals, please get in touch with our helpful team.


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