Full Methodology Translation

This is the most comprehensive translation methodology available and involves the following processes:

  • Glossary creation, translation, subsequently verified by the client, of key words and phrases.
  • First draft translation by qualified translators with special knowledge of subject matter using full range of CAT tools.
  • Edit of first draft by separate and completely independent qualified translators to check not only the accuracy and consistency of the first draft, but also that the copy reads fluently and appropriately in the target languages.
  • Proofreading, if required, by qualified translators for additional QA.

Examples of documentation where we recommend applying this methodology include:

  • Copy where suitable reviewers are not available in local markets to check first draft translations
  • For all ‘Flagship’ documentation:
  • Advertising copy
  • Marketing collateral
  • Corporate publications; annual reports, prospectuses
  • Legal documentation
  • Financial reports and accounts

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