As part of our full methodology of production, we can undertake a final proofreading of the translated and edited document. 

This proofreading will be a final check on spelling, grammar, punctuation, page numbering, and formatting of the translated copy, undertaken by a qualified translator.

Proofreading is an essential task after translated copy has been flowed or, as is still often the case, copied and pasted, into the desktop published artwork and layouts. Where language expansion has occurred that required the typesetter to adjust fonts, leading and kerning to ensure that the translated copy fits into the existing artwork, it is essential that a qualified linguist checks the copy to ensure that no text has been omitted, and that other linguistic conventions have been correctly observed, e.g. hyphenation.

Proofreading is also essential for languages that read from right to left, such as Arabic, that have been put into artwork designed for western languages.

Translation Management can offer proofreading as a stand alone service for customers who require an independent check of copy they have already had translated and/or typeset.

Please get in touch to discuss your requirements with our helpful team.

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