In order to get a feel for your business and a detailed understanding of your translation project’s requirements and goals, our team will arrange a consultation with you to achieve just that. Not only will this allow us to minimise costs and timelines to save you time and money, but also ensure accurate translations and effective project management.

The translation consultation process also allows us to gain a comprehensive understanding of the audience and the language market you are targeting. In doing so, we’ll be able to utilise our most appropriate translators for your project.

It also enables us to identify if there are approved legacy translations already in place that can be utilised, and whether glossaries of preferred language terms exist or need to be created. This will be maximised by our translators, allowing them to use the most relevant and localised terminology to provide a seamless and accurate translation, whilst retaining the essence and accuracy of your original copy.

And as we appreciate that budgets and timelines are usually very tight, we will always provide a cost and agree on a timeline before starting any new project.

Please get in touch to discuss your requirements with our helpful team.