Desk Top Publishing

Our comprehensive translation service also includes Desk Top Publishing (DTP) or multilingual typesetting, so that all of your requirements can be met efficiently by our expert team.

If you wish to localise your artwork, for example, adverts, brochures, catalogues, newsletters, manuals, e-learning training videos and guide books, but don’t have experience in foreign language typesetting, we can help you.

The most popular desk top publishing software is Adobe InDesign. It is an extremely powerful typesetting and design program, and along with Adobe’s other product, Illustrator, provides excellent support for many languages. You, or your design agency, can give us the final of English language source text along with layouts including fonts, logos and images supplied as InDesign files.

Our CAT (Computer Aided Translation) software then extracts the source copy from the layouts, and TML translators, editors and proofreaders undertake the translation into the required languages.

Our artworkers then import the foreign language versions into your original artwork and layout. And this is where their expertise comes in. Foreign languages can take more or less space than English, for example Spanish can take up to 25% more space, simplified Chinese up to 20% less. Rules also apply in other languages in respect of hyphenation, and typographic conventions.

Our job is to ensure that we can manipulate the text so that the integrity of your layouts are preserved accommodating text expansion and contraction, at the same time as respecting the target language’s grammatical rules. We will make it look as though your source file were originally typeset in the foreign language.

Before supplying the foreign language versions of your InDesign files, we supply low resolution pdfs for approval by you and/or your local offices.

We can undertake multilingual typesetting work in almost any language, including all European languages, the major far eastern languages, as well as bidirectional scripts, such as Arabic and Hebrew.

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