eLearning Translation

Embed your company’s values, strategies and procedures with its multinational workforce by globalizing your eLearning.

Globalizing content of your eLearning programs is a cost-effective way of delivering a more engaged, efficient and productive workforce, steeped in your company’s values.

Leadership Development, Sales Training, Psychometric Analysis, Surveys and Compliance are all areas that benefit from eLearning media. Translation Management can help you leverage your eLearning content by translating Text only, slide presentations, video voiceovers and subtitles into over 50 languages.

The acknowledged benefits of eLearning are increased when you have an international workforce but it is critical that the programme is delivered in local languages.

The gains of globalizing your eLearning programmes

Cost effective by saving time
Between 35-45% time savings can be made over traditional classroom instruction.  Savings lie in reduced travel costs for both students and teachers and in reduced wages spent on instructors while maintaining similar or improved gains in education.  These savings are magnified when you roll out eLearning programs to engage an international workforce.

Ideal for Geographically Spread Employees
eLearning is known to be very helpful for providing timely and appropriate instruction for employees based in diverse parts of the country.  Again, this is increased when your company has a workforce spread all over the world in different time zones. eLearning is self-paced and can be accessed any time and any place.

This is perhaps the most compelling benefit for globalizing eLearning content.  The human element of classroom training means that it can be different each time it is delivered.  Globalized eLearning is consistent: no matter how many time the learning module is presented, it will not vary. This is especially relevant for compliance training where consistent delivery of material is vital to ensure the integrity of communicating corporate values, goals and procedures.

Why TML?

TML understands the challenges of developing and delivering eLearning content for a multinational audience. We can receive and deliver in all the commonly used files formats, as well as video voice over and subtitles.  In addition, we use well-proven methodologies of working that can be adapted for each client.

See the companies we have helped across diverse industries and services. Recent examples include:

Computer equipment
Consumer goods
Medical instruments

By drawing on our translator database we can match, test and qualify our translators that have specific industry knowledge and expertise in your industry. So, for example, we would never engage translators specializing in legal texts onto an eLearning program focused with IT content. You will also have the reassurance that all our translators must exceed best translation practices as set out in the ISO 17100 Standard.

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