Legal Translation

Legal translation means the translation of texts within the field of law and as such covers Commercial Law, Employment Law, Property Law, Intellectual Property, Litigation, Banking and Finance, Regulatory and Corporate law. The very nature of it is exacting.

You only need to imagine the consequences of a mistranslation of a passage or even a word in a contract or other legal document – lawsuits, loss of money and other serious complications – to see that the translation of legal texts to other languages can only be delivered by professional translators who specialise in legal translation. While in other translation areas, being a good linguist stands you in excellent stead, with a legal translation, a good linguist also has to have a good legal mind.

Our legal translators

We select translators who are experts in the field of law and in their respective language or languages. Whether UK or International Law, our legal translators provide the highest quality translations, with exacting attention to detail to provide you with complete peace of mind.

Legal translation projects

Here are some of the legal translation projects we’ve been involved in:

Commercial contracts

All types of commercial contract from Terms and Conditions for customers and suppliers to Introducer Agreements, Consultancy agreements and Agency contracts.

Legal document translation

There are many types of legal documentation that may fall under this general term. We apply the same accuracy and scrupulous attention to detail across the whole spectrum.

Legal contracts

It is a well-known fact that the small print often comprises pages and pages of legal text. It needs the exact right brain to remain diligent and attentive, applying knowledge and skill both consistently and relentlessly.

Why Translation Management for legal translation

We’ve earned a reputation over the years for accuracy and precision. This stems from being able to select and retain some of the best linguistic talent there is; talent that goes beyond language to aptitude and knowledge within their specialist sector and this counts nowhere more than in the field of law.