Website Translation

Over a million words for several corporate websites from English into all the major European languages, their South American versions, Russian, as well as Traditional and Simplified Chinese, have been translated by us in the last eighteen months.

So we know how to effectively promote and sell your services and products by ensuring you speak to your target audience in their mother tongue

There’s nothing worse than badly translated website content to deter potential customers, which is why we only utilise fully qualified mother tongue translators. This ensures that your translated copy only features relevant and localised terminology that will resonate with your intended audience.

When translating large volumes of content, we utilise workflow software that easily integrates with a variety of website Content Management Systems (CMS) to ensure efficiency and the accurate translation of website copy for your target market.

Terms like globalization, Internationalization, localization and multilingual SEO can be confusing. However, they are the building blocks in creating a successful website or application.  We describe them in more detail below.

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Internationalization i18n

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Localization l10n

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International SEO

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Web Globalization g11n

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