Web Globalization – g11n

Globalization is a word used in many contexts, but in the context of creating multilingual websites, globalization is achieved when the building blocks of Internationalization, localization and multilingual SEO have been put in place.

Globalization is often written as g11n where 11 is the number of letters between g and n in the English word.

It has been conclusively proved that people prefer to buy products and services online when presented in their own language.  And as a result multilingual websites have proliferated.  However, many never achieve the ROI that their authors hoped for, because they fail to work on these best practices.

By executing a thorough planning, preparation and localization strategy, your globalized website will become a really effective weapon and give your company the edge to compete in the global market place.

If you would like to have more information about any aspect of web localization and how TML can assist you in reaching your goals, please get in touch with our helpful team.


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